Below are the contributors to Beermat Productions, who have helped bring our projects to life.

Galaxy 4Scott Burditt

Scott is producer and owner of Beermat Productions (formerly Bandril Productions). Scott obsesses mainly with colourisation of 1960s episodes of Doctor Who and other cult TV shows and films.

Scott can be found in various states of sobriety in the North West of England. He is the creator of the legendary and now defunct (?) Doctor Who Fanzine FANWNAK (7 issues) and the cult TV Fanzine CSO (3 issues). He also runs  a site full of research and reviews of the classic BBC Television series DOOMWATCH – (formerly known until 2017 as You can find links to a Fanzine (3 issues) too. A collection of his randomness across the years can be found at his purposely unorganised and barely functional archive at

Find Scott online here:- Twitter, Youtube Facebook

Tony Green

Westley James Smith

Tony Diana