Illustration by Westley James Smith

A number of specially recorded dramas are in the works and will feature on this page which will compliment the U.N.I.T FANNUAL 1974, Some dramas will tie into TV episodes. It’ll be up to you to guess which episodes these are…

Narrated by RJ Bayley

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Westley James Smith, Rafael Krux

PHANTOMS (Prelude) by Gavin L. O’Keefe

An exclusive prelude to the story PHANTOMS written for the U.N.I.T FANNUAL 1974

Narrated by Wink Taylor with Wendy Abrahams Music by Westley James Smith Kevin MacLeod • Knight of Fire

CHARLEY’S WAR by Paul Cooke Narrated by Jonathan Carley. Music by Westley James Smith.

A U.N.I.T soldier wounded in action faces the very real prospect of his death by an alien invader…

DULL IT ISN’T by Ken Shinn. Narrated by James Maton. Music by Tony Diana

A prequel to the BBC TV story The Invasion. Corporal Benton investigates a mysterious electronics corporation by visiting an elderly inventor working for them at his home with disastrous consequences…

WHITAKER HILL by Mike Wilson Narrated by James Maton Music by Tony Diana


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