WELCOME TO Beermat Productions

16807264_1306853232709063_4188396187206635556_nWelcome to Beermat Productions –  home to our free fan produced audio plays.
All of our Beermat Productions are only made possible through the good will and valuable spare time of the contributors networking our resources together. Some of our plays are recreations of lost/wiped cult television episodes and the rest are original works. As well as the audio productions, we have our first printed project – THE UNIT FANNUAL 1974.
If you’d like to contribute in any way please email directly at beermatproductions@gmail.com
You can also leave us a message using the menu link and easily follow all the latest news on our social media accounts.
Find all of our latest updates, fun stuff and random competitions featuring prizes given away in the past such as DVD’s of Doctor Who spin-offs Downtime and Wartime and a CD from Bafflegab Productions all on Facebook page.
We hope you enjoy listening to our work and would love to hear your feedback. Enjoy!

Doctor Who and all related images and media are copyright to the BBC and their respected creators and no infringement is intended. Please support all official BBC releases. All of our audio and visual works are fan produced and are completely free!


One thought on “WELCOME TO Beermat Productions

  1. I have to say, I am a fan of the Big Finish Audios and have been listening to them for years and didn't think it would be worth trying to find anything else – well, I was wrong. You guys are doing an incredible job! The theme music is actually the best I have ever heard, the recording is fantastic, the voices are spot on and you reproduced the same tones and inflections as the original actors. You have good story lines, excellent incidental music and the sound effects are great. You obviously have put a lot of thought into this and I hope to hear more and more from you.

    The DOOMWATCH audio play is really good and that was how I happened upon you. I would love to hear more of DOOMWATCH. I honestly think you guys are like how BF was back in the AV days. I hope you can continue because I would suspect that you will end up being another BF.

    Please keep me updated and I really am looking forward to future releases from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Scott A. from New Jersey USA


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